God is Red: Micro-Responce

In the Indian tribal religions, man and the rest of creation are cooperteve and respectful of the task set for them by the Great Spirit. In the Christian religion both are doomed from shortly after the creation event until the end of the world”

Vine Deloria Jr., God is Red: A Native View of Religion 1973, pg81

Native Religion: All work together as a cycle, life and death is respected and expected. The nature of creation, which includes humanity, yearns towards balance, finds beauty and respect in sacrifice or the disruption of life for the continuation of another.

Stereotype: Native hunter who kills and prays thanks to the Creator for the animal. Saddened in the kill.

Western Christianity: Everything must be redeemed. At the perfection of creation all entities existed without necessity for the cycle of life and death. The damnation occurred, as humans committed an act of free will through sinning, so, therefor the subsequent and current pervasive condition of creation is fallen. This cycle of life and death is but an imperfection. We kill because we must, there is no beauty in sacrifice, it is a result of sin.

Stereotype? : Perhaps no specific character? Christianity is concerned with humanity.

-From the 30th Anniversary Edition, published 2003



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